Monday, March 10, 2008


I is back and back for good ! (Enshallah)
Been hectic, a lot going on in the past few days..weeks !
So this post is gonna be me catching up!
My apologies !


First if you all wouldn't mind, I would like to ask you each to tad3onlah belra7mah.. I'm sorry I didn't know you better..but your death shook me, I swear it did. Allah yer7emek..
His death, showed a side in people I never knew existed.. A dark side,a greedy side, and a selfish side. I didn't think people could be so cruel, to family.


Okay, who saw 7aflat ElJasmi? When he asked for the lights to be closed, and for everyone to hold up their mobiles [with screen lit up] and wave it left to right ;p Rolling Stones concert Mo Jasmi! Only in Kuwait !


Barakat AlWugayan (Wugayan AlShammari) :

The man oozes charisma ! I mean jad, he can talk! Sure, ohwa muthee3 and its his job.. but come on! We all know those standards do not work for us in Kuwait! You don't necessarily have to know how to "talk" to be a mothee3! Ya3ni seriously, its like they are so desperate that they are walking around Soug AlSalmeya handing random people microphones and calling them muthe3een. As you can probably tell I'm not a fan of local Television stations, but recently AlWatan TV has caught my eye, sure its not the best, and its just out there getting its 15minutes of fame just like AlRai got when it first launched, but jad they make smart moves. One of the moves was offering AWugayan a spot on their new station even though according to a few articles, Barakat doesn't come cheap ! Why blame him? The man is being asked by several Khaleeji & Arabic television stations to become part of their team (Rotana,MBC,Sama Dubai, LBC..& etc) bas according to him he favors Kuwaiti stations because it is where he started. It is them that discovered them and he owes it to them to put them at the top of their list, but that doesn't mean cheat the man out of the money he deserves !

Apparently KTV offered him a fraction of what other stations were offering him and when he declines the media goes off and calls him sell out? Haw sh7aga, el rayal 7alah 7al ghairah, its his job, he wants to get somewhere, mo yeg3ad ye67as eb KTV!

I seriously think that the man is successful! I mean jad, success is such a hard thing, and to be truly successful & Kuwaiti is a rare mixture ! Ya3ni success without the help of your father, uncle, or family friend. Success that isn't just recognized at your dad's company, but success on another level, success that is widely recognized. The man is a GENIUS. Kaifi. That makes him hot to me ! Jad ! Okay he wasn't the first, gablah *tiny bit of vomit is swallowed* Haleema, and that girl that was on 88.8 , Noora? ElMuhem, those two were solely chosen for their looks, and dare. Hathi tu7fa, wTheech etezala6. Does anyone else think Barakat is hot ? Mo shar6 men na7yat looks, the whole package, moogta, 3ala theqetah, 3ala 7achyah, 3ala the way he talks [DIMEEERA!!] ...elMuhem :P Honestly, 9ej muthee3 but why dont I feel one bit hailigiya when I like him? Ma y7aseskom ennah ghair :P Jad? :p

To get an idea about what Im talking about check this out

As I going through his pictures, shift wa7da and immediately I thought, Patrick Demsey ? McDreamy from Grey's ..

Madri.. Does anyone else see it :P ?


Finally, Um-Mit3ib ..

Happy "18th" Birthday (:

Friday, February 29, 2008


Totally Last Minute I know ! But every person who decides to walk counts, so here it goes.
Chartiy Walkathon Tommorow / Saturday 1st,March
9:30 AM
Starting at Swimming Pool Complex On Gulf Road
To Green Island.

No need to sign up anymore, just get there and walk! Its hosted by the Kuwait Center For Autism, and its their annual charity marathon. I havent been feeling too well lately so dunno if I'll actually walk, but I'll try ! I'll be there for sure though, you too should come.
Yestahlon, Ham Uhma 3yalna.


Saturday, February 16, 2008


I need a new iPod. My old iPod video 3a6akom 3umrah.
This is what I think.
iPod Nano UGLY. So No way.
iPod Classic 25 Hours Battery Life, 180GB..
iPod Touch 11 Hours Batteyr Life, 16 GB.. Wifi Pretty Bigger Screen!
So Its iPod Classsic vs iPod Touch..
I cant decide :/ Help ?
I mean the iPod Classic is like.. ~7000 songs and 400 videos ..
while the iPod Touch is like .. ~200 songs and 4 hours of video..
The iPod Classic is a smart choice..
but the touch has the hottest screen :/ LCD scratch proof , HUGE , amazing 4 pictures or videos.. but honestly my iPod is mostly music :/
What do you think I should get??
Tubes flowed through you and from you
Giving and taking things,not realizing who you are
Not realizing that you were my Superman
Unable to go near you, the beeping noises zapping my strength
Pumping fear through my veins, it was the enemy
Part III is being editted for all those waiting ! Sozz !

Vote & Help Me Out !
iPod Classic vs iPod Touch !

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Part Two

Click Here For Part One

Once Again.

كل الحقوق محفوظة
All Rights Reserved
(Please Refrain From Copying The Story But if You Have To, Link it back here please :) )


Most incidents in this story are from reality.
Alot of the info has been changed to withhold the character's identity
Any resemblance most likely would be a mere coincidence


Part II (Do)

Abdullah’s father welcomed the news of his son’s matrimony with a heart attack that ended his life. Jassem had great plans for his son, none of which included marrying into a poor Saudi family. Abdullah’s marriage was supposed to be a business transaction and not one based from pre-martial relationships just like all his brother's and sister's marriages were before him. Abdullah’s mother, Su3ad couldn’t forgive her son, for marrying against her will and for being the cause of her husband’s death. All of Abdullah’s brothers and sisters did the same. They all chose not to speak to him and so Abdullah was shun from the family. Reem too was now alone, her own family had disowned her as soon as they heard that Abdullah had married their daughter against his father’s will. They asked her to get a divorce but when she refused they asked never to see her again.

Every day for next three years Reem begged Abdullah to go and ask for his mother’s forgiveness, but Abdullah’s pride and sense of guilt held him back. Even when Reem gave birth to Fay and then Dhay, none of his brothers or sisters called to congratulate him on either occasions. When Reem first gave birth to Fay, a year after their marriage, she secretly went to Su3ad’s house. She wanted Su3ad to see the baby that was named after her mother. Su3ad’s reaction was asking the security guards not to let Reem in. She claimed that she was an unwelcome beggar, and if she insisted to come in they were to call the police. Su3ad was never mentioned again, until that one day in June. Abdullah’s mother was admitted to Al-Blah hospital in Kuwait. Su3ad was diagnosed with Thryoid cancer. She had already reached the last stages of cancer and there was little hope for being cured. Abdullah begged for his mother’s forgiveness and his mother welcomed him with open arms. Su3ad too apologized that she had not taken the effort to try and welcome Reem into their family. Su3ad promised herself that she was going to try and make it up to Reem before her time in life was through. Abdullah was shocked to see that his mother wasn’t accompanied by any one of his brothers or sisters to the hospital. She was on her own other than being with the maid and driver. His mother explained that they all have been very busy with their own lives lately that she doesn’t even see them for weeks at a time. Like a typical mother she felt sorry for them and silently prayed that God would help them, when in reality she was the one in need for God’s help. Abdullah was furious, and left the hospital enraged by this piece of information. How could they! His mother was all alone and she needed to be taken care of. Maybe if one of them had taken her in for a check-up once in a while then maybe they could have caught the cancer in its early stages, saving his mothers life. On his way back home, a speeding Porsche passed a red light and crashed into Abdullah’s car. Abdullah was killed instantly in the accident.


No this isnt the last part.. Taw elnaas..
This is all just an introductory if you may..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Part One

I hate blogger.

كل الحقوق محفوظة
All Rights Reserved
(Please Refrain From Copying The Story But if You Have To, Link it back ehre please :) )
Most incidents in this story are from reality.
Alot of the info has been changed to withhold the character's identity
Any resemblance most likely would be a mere coincidence

The Story

Part I(eek)

To a strange eye she seemed to be at the peak of her life. She was a fresh graduate from one of the top British secondary schools in Kuwait. She ranked second in her class, the only Kuwaiti student to reach the top high honors list. She was smart, beautiful and kind. A very rare mixture indeed. No one would think that fellow students we’re cruel to her throughout her high school years. Girls in particular enjoyed ruining her day and reputation. Jealousy crept up on them making them do things to her they soon regretted. She offered help with the English literature essay to the girl who started the rumor about her sexual orientation. She stayed after school to help the girls whom stole her gym uniform every day so she would get detention from their strict gym teacher. She gave up several of her lunch breaks to help the slow girl study for her Chemistry quizzes. Disregarding the fact she knew that all of these girls did their best to hurt her, even after she took the time to help them. She was Fay Abdullah.

Abdullah was the youngest of five boys and two girls. He came from one of the most acclaimed families in Kuwait, known for its history in business and commerce. His father was a very proud and strict man whom molded Abdullah and his brothers to become two times the successful man he was. He urged his sons to study, and forced them to do well in school. Many would think someone of such wealth didn’t need a good education but his father believed otherwise. He made sure his sons didn’t get used to the easy life, and gave them a strict monthly income. In 1975 Abdullah graduated from high school and was sent abroad to study medicine in the Leeds University School of Medicine. He graduated six years later and came back to surprise his parents not only with a diploma but with...

Reem came from a very strict and poor Saudi family. Her father often beat her mother and sisters for fun but would never lay a hand on Reem. Instead he enjoyed caressing and spoiling her. She grew up hating her mother for sobbing whenever he put Reem on his lap and brushed her hair. She had started to believe her mother and older sisters were just jealous. What Reem didn’t know was that her father was severely ill. His long beard and the short dishdashas he wore were only a mask to hide what was going on in his sick mind. She learned this the hard way. One day when Reem was sixteen she came back home to find her father sitting in the living room. This wasn’t common due to the fact that her father was never home during the day as he was always in work till late. He explained to her that her mother and sisters we’re at the hairdressers getting ready for their cousins wedding. Her father went on to tell her that her mother was waiting for her at the hair salon and that she should go wash her hair so that he would take her to join her. Reem rushed to the bathroom and turned on the faucet to let the water run while she slowly undressed. She got in the shower and let the water fall on her back as she soaped her body and thoroughly washed her hair. A feeling that someone was watching crept over her. Startled, she opened her eyes and looked through the fogged up shower curtains. She could see him standing there, watching her, through the shower curtains. She started screaming furiously, shocking her father whom rushed out of the bathroom. Reem started shivering not from the fact that the cold air hit her skin like a brick wall but simply out of disgust. It all made sense now. Two weeks later she still hadn’t breathed a word of the incident to anyone, but somehow her mother knew. Her mother surprised her with the news that she was to join her cousin, Tala whom had left for London two years ago with her family. Her mother tried to make it seem as if the sole reason for her asking Reem to leave was because of her wanting Reem to graduate from a good school, and that her uncle had offered taking Reem in. Reem knew better. Her mother was just trying to send her away before her father did anything worse to her. Reem felt truly alone, her mother was sending her away when in reality her father was the one who was supposed to be sent away! Two days later Reem was on a plane heading to England. She was enrolled in the same boarding school that Tala had graduated from a year before her. Reem started out as the quiet close minded girl no one wanted to be friends with but soon that changed. Reem soon began to lead a separate second life. Whenever she was back with her cousins or whenever they visited Reem would return to the quiet and bland Reem they knew. Whenever she was back on her own she would smear red lipstick on her lips and black kohl around her eyes and let her hair down. Her ever present eye bags shouted in the parallelism of red and black. She’d go out to clubs and meet guys both middle eastern and European. She loved the sense of doing all the things that her family considered immoral, it gave her a sense of rush. It was her drug. She never went too far, there was always something holding her back. She wouldn’t let a man touch her and never revealed too much skin; to her friends those actions could only be labeled as hypocritical. Reem herself knew she was being a hypocrite when she would dance with all those guys and tease them endlessly but at the end of the night if they dared to lay a hand on her or touched in her in any way she’d be enraged and would often go ballistic. One Friday, a week before Reem was due to graduate she was out having fun with her friends. They ended up going to a well known club in central London. Reem as usual was the center of attention. She had a sense of rhythm which had to be noticed. Amongst the men and women engrossed in her dance moves were a group of Kuwaiti students, Khalid, Fahad and Nasser. Fahad went up to Reem and introduced himself in a perfect English dialect. Reem smiled and replied in Arabic which shocked Fahad. He never thought that Reem would be middle eastern! At the end of the night Reem and Fahad shared a cab. Their conversation went on forever and it had seemed that Fahad was the perfect guy. The cab abrubtly stopped outside a tall building no where near Reem’s school. Reem looked at Fahad for answers and all he said was that he had to run in and grab his wallet and that she should remain in the cab. Reem smiled and waited in the cab. Ten minutes passed and Reem grew tired and restless. She wanted to leave but she knew she didn’t have enough money to pay the fare. In the midst of her thoughts one of the windows above opened and Fahad’s head popped out. “Reem! Ta3alay Bser3aa! My roommate madri shfeeh!” Reem got out of the cab and looked up. “What!?” she exclaimed “Here, pay the cab driver. Come help quickly please!!” Reem grabbed the twenty pound note that Fahad threw down to her and paid the driver and rushed up to Fahad’s apartment. The door was still open; she rushed in and looked around. Fahad closed the door behind her and came after her. He slowly turned her around and leaned in to kiss her. Reem pushed away in confusion “What? Eish 9ayer..Khalni.” Fahad ignored her requests and tightened his grip around her and pushed her in. “Esh ga3id tsawi! Khalni!! Fahad! Come on! Bes!” she pleaded. He pushed her against the wall and slowly trapped her. Tears streamed down her face as she tried furiously to wiggle out of his grip. She turned her face, left and right, trying to escape his kisses. “Don’t play hard to get! No one dresses like that, or dances the way you did tonight unless she has nothing to lose.” he said whilst playing with her hair. Her cries grew louder, as she heard the apartment door open.” Help! Please!!” she yelled. Fahad muffled her shrieks by covering her mouth with his palm. Mino!?Whos there?” he called out. “Fahad! Men ma3ak?” exclaimed the voice as it walked in on Fahad with hand covering Reem’s mouth. Reem looked at him with tearful eyes, pleading him with her looks to help her. The man’s face changed as soon as his eyes laid on hers. Fahad glanced at him then said “Abdullah, khalni. Malik sheghel. You saw nothing. Go.”. Abdullah rushed to Reem’s side and shoved Fahad away. “Shfeek Entah! Yanait! Khal elbnaya!” Reem started crying and unintentionally hugged Abdullah and cried. Fahad looked at Reem as if it finally hit him that he was about to rape her and then rushed out of the apartment. Abdullah tried calming Reem down but she was in shock and crying hysterically. Abdullah asked her if he could drop her off anywhere or if she wanted to call someone, maybe her parents. Reem looked up to him and said “Ana bro7i.”. It was Abdullah’s turn to be startled by this piece of information. “Intay men wain?”. “ElS3oudiya” she replied. On that day, their story began. Abdullah grew more and more attached to Reem day after day. She was the missing piece in his puzzle-like life. She made sure he knew about everything, including the clubbing and her father. They never intended to fall for each other, but it was evident. They both needed each other in their lives. She enrolled in the same university he was enrolled in and they spent every moment free together. She urged him to study after he had given up because it was too hard and so he did. He urged her to take up praying again after she had lost faith in Allah due to the incident with her father and so she did. They both helped each other become better people. When Abdullah went home during winter break he was shocked to find out that his mother was looking for a bride for him. He told her about Reem, and she became enraged. What Abdullah didn’t know during his time abroad, was that he had become the perfect bachelor in the eyes of many single Kuwaiti girls. They all sought after him and all managed to befriend his mother. All of them waited for June, when he was due to come back after graduating. He went back to Reem with a broken heart filled with broken dreams. Reem had decided that she still wanted to be part of his life, even if they couldn’t be together in the end. She wanted to be there for him and help him every step of the way, especially since this was his final year before he was going back. She told him she was going to ignore her feelings towards him and that he should do the same, to avoid any harsh goodbyes. In June during Abdullah’s graduation ceremony, Abdullah realized that he couldn’t imagine himself without Reem. She had become his muse. Without her he was doomed to fail. And so, he went home with more than a diploma. Abdullah came home with a wife.

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